A Hair Tissue Mineral Test & The Heart

 A Hair Tissue Mineral Test & The Heart

We wanted to share a little bit on why we teach the Hair Tissue Mineral Test to our future practitioners at the College. However, the article in the Indian Journal of Anaesthesia, pretty much sums it up for us. There is some excitement about the testing of coronary artery calcium (CAC) using the CAC chest CT scan, which is shown to pick up CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) due to calcification. So why not use a HAIR TISSUE MINERAL TEST?

To read more you can GO HERE for the article but in essence, it indicates that a patient’s heart condition was not picked up despite all the ‘standard tests’. However, they found calcification in the arteries by a simple CT scan which otherwise would miss CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE. Well we can get an idea of calcification through a Hair Tissue Mineral Test.

Heart ailments are the biggest cause of deaths among humans. The article quotes….“In cardiovascular diseases, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) makes up for a majority of deaths. In this, plaque builds up in the arteries related to the heart and when it ruptures, a clot is formed that blocks the vessel cutting off blood supply. Plaques are made up of many substances with calcium being A MAIN ‘INGREDIENT’. Looking at the calcium can give information about the density of the plaques. And yet in the first line of risk prediction, the medical profession does not consider it. Instead, the focus is on other risk factors, like cholesterol, which are increasingly found to be less dependable.”

At the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy, we teach about the importance of OTHER risk factors in heart disease and as the article mentions we dive into why cholesterol is not all that scary when it comes to heart disease but CALCIFICATION is scary. The Hair Tissue Mineral Test is a great tool that can be used to ANALYSE the patterns of various minerals AND THIS INCLUDES calcium.

The Hair Tissue Mineral Test is like a window into the next 10 or so years ahead of your health. We value this test and teach it comprehensively in the second year. After all, it is noninvasive, informative and anyone can do it. But for our students, it is a VITAL TOOL in their clinical practice.

There is much more to the Hair Tissue Mineral Test than what is generally known/taught. We shall be sharing more on this in our next newsletter but for now, do have a look into the article as it is very encouraging and shows that mainstream medicine is making headway but a little too slow for the average person who may be ‘popping calcium supplements or even vitamin D with added calcium and on the fast track road to calcification.

Our goal is to raise practitioners who are ready for what the new decade is bringing. We are all about prevention through education, nutrition and homeopathy. If you fancy learning more, you are warmly welcome to our OPEN DAY.

We hope to see you soon.

Gordon and Khush

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