Are You Fat Conscious?

Are You Fat Conscious?

Hi Everyone! I want to get straight to it today.  FAT, do you feel when you hear that word? If you feel fearful, anxious or doubtful over this word then read on and become Fat Conscious.

It is proven that FAT IS NOT the culprit, it does not ‘clog’ arteries, create heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, cancer, etc. Fat is a necessity, our brain is mainly fat, our cells are surrounded by a layer of fat, our hormones are made from fat especially the stress ones and the sex ones. The myelin sheath that is critical in brain communication is also FAT (think auto-immune disease like MS). So let’s get a little bit more ‘ontop’ of educating ourselves as well as our parents, children, neighbors, schools. We cover this in our course

So continuing with the education theme, my boys are still being taught the out-dated food pyramid, you know where most of your meal should be carbohydrate laden with bread, pasta, wheat, gluten etc,…NOW if the base of the pyramid was green vegetable based (which also fall into the group called carbohydrates) then fair enough but bread etc? We can do better than that. These foods literally spike your sugar levels?

So let me explain just a little about what happens when you eat this ‘old-school food pyramid education’ way. You may  just want to share this…as you may save someone from diabetes even a heart attack. So….

  • you consume that meal that mainly consists of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes (like mash, jacket potatoes)
  • whether you add the other food groups, it does not matter as to what happens next….
  • blood sugar goes up as the bread, pasta, rice, potatoes get broken down to the single sugar units
  • this rise in blood sugar is pretty quick..not as quick as having a chocolate bar, biscuit, cookie or the refined sugar added to your tea or coffee or the ‘sugared-up’ drink but it is a pretty rapid rise
  • this high blood sugar (and no I am not talking about diabetes, this is well before diabetes comes and bites us in the rear, it can even be decades beforehand) then creates all sorts of metabolic chaos, from INFLAMMATION, free radical damage, clogging arteries, dementia, brain fog, chronic fatigue, obesity, heart disease
  • This is all WITHOUT CONSUMING ANY FAT whatsoever

So what went wrong? Research went wrong, ‘plain and simple’. What you read about health and food in the main stream media is not generally true. Always go back and find out WHO paid for that research before it was all over the media, you may be in for a surprise.

Now let me just give you a little info on the cholesterol-lowering medications that belong to the class of drugs known as ‘statins’…. Did you know that the actual active ingredient that lowers cholesterol in statins is from Red Rice Yeast? Yes that rice the Chinese eat.

Firstly, there is a whole lot more on cholesterol, but for now, if you have high cholesterol taking statins will not necessarily save you from heart disease, why? Because cholesterol is vital, lowering cholesterol has all sorts of other issues, this is covered in my book that is coming out as an e-book by the end of the summer.

If you really want to take something to help support your cholesterol without the side effects until you learn more about cholesterol then why not take Red Rice Yeast in supplement form? I recommend this product as it is clean BUT also contains CoQ10 which is key for heart health BUT also it contains Hawthorn Berry Extract. Hawthorn berries are not only great for heart health but also powerful anti-oxidants.

Be empowered, make decisions about your health from a place of knowledge, information and place of peace not fear and/or lack of knowledge.


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