Calories, Diabetes, Self-Love, Nutrient-Thief, Bulimia, aka SUGAR

Happiness is a piece of cake
As our first weekend approaches at The College of Integrated Nutrition & Homeopathy, we wanted to share a little about the essence of this college by sharing about a much popular topic ‘SUGAR’, also known as the ‘new smoking’.

Did you know that sugar in the food sense comes in many forms? Sucrose is the form that most of us are used to (that white grainy powder, oh so sweet and addictive, yet so deadly and numbing).

It is what we call a disaccharide, in other words, it is made up from two ‘sugar units’, known as glucose and fructose BUT NOT ALL sugar is actually made up from these sugar units and this changes the properties of sugar in the body. Sugar, in general, is known to

  • increase inflammation
  • create an environment in the body that feeds the bad bacteria
  • stresses the liver and pancreas to no end
  • numbs the emotions
  • feeds that place of emptiness (that place that needs some nurturing, some deep self-love)
  • increase aggression, hyperactivity, restlessness

A ‘food’ that creates so much havoc and long-term poor chronic health issues and yet it is found in most foods. You just have to walk down the street and our nation is sipping itself into ‘sweetness’.

In nutritional terminology, sugar is a nutrient robber as well as an addictive substance, but in homeopathy, sugar is seen as a remedy that is prescribed and used in conditions such as

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Parasitic infections
  • Deep lack of self-love
  • Fear of abandonment especially by the mother

The list is endless but hopefully, you get the gist.

We will be looking at nutrition not just from a physical perspective as in calories (YAWN, YAWN), food groups, and energy BUT nutrition as a form of nurture. GO BACK TO YOUR FIRST EVER MEAL, stop and think, was it at your mother’s breast? Was it from a tube? Was it from a bottle? How is your relationship with food today?

Nutrition is not just about filling that PHYSICAL hunger pang, it is also AND AS IMPORTANTLY about the EMOTIONAL HUNGER. It is about being FED, being loved, being nurtured, having self-worth.

We will be looking at how we use sugar homeopathically for physical imbalances but also emotional/mental imbalances. We will learn how sugar impacts brain chemistry, the microbiome, not just the gut microbiome but the oral microbiome. Why and how does sugar have such powerful, addictive and bingeing properties?

If you fancy a career change that will not only change your life but the lives of those around you why not join us…we have a couple of spaces left.

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