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You are not only what you eat but also what you think
Have you ever fancied a change in career? A career that involves improving your health as well as the health of all those around you?  Well, look no further…we are offering an amazing opportunity to become practitioners of nutrition AND homeopathy.

Nutrition looks at the relationship between food and YOUR health. In today’s society, we have an overwhelming amount of information on DIETS, FADS, TRENDS, DETOXES, GENETIC MUTATIONS, the list is endless and so is the mass confusion but this serves no one.

  • Have a headache? Take magnesium
  • Have low Vitamin D? Take a vitamin D supplement
  • Have indigestion? Take some aloe vera

But have you ever considered that your make up,  in other words, your constitution may not benefit from magnesium although you may get headaches? You may not benefit from vitamin D although you may have low vitamin D?

You will learn that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not about well being.

INTEGRATING nutrition and homeopathy is key and our passion as your teachers, after all we are not only what we eat but also what we think. We are made up of 99% energy, so addressing that 99% means integrating these two incredible disciplines.

So let’s have a sneak peek at what we have planned so far…you will learn about the vital force, this energy that keeps your heart beating, your respiratory system breathing, your eyes blinking, your injuries healing and your bone fractures repairing.

You will learn about the different food groups and how your body assimilates these and why some people have a hard time assimilating certain foods.

We will be looking at why certain homeopathic constitutional types, such as the ‘sulphur’ types need some liver nourishing. What exactly is the role of sulphur in the body, how can this remedy clear eczema? Did you know cruciferous vegetables are important in detox partly because they are rich in sulphur and sulphur as a homeopathic remedy has an affinity for the liver. Sulphur itself is key in the phase 1 and phase 2 of the liver detox pathways…all will be revealed during this course.

We will learn how energy is created in your body from food and how this is linked to the phosphorus in the firefly? How phosphorus as a homeopathic remedy can be used for ADHD, electric shocks, profuse bleeding, low blood sugar to name a few. Phosphorus plays a vital role in DNA synthesis too.

So we will be looking at minerals not only from a nutritional perspective but from a homeopathic perspective. How is it that one can take calcium and actually develop kidney stones and another may not.

Why is it that one person can eat a Paleo diet and yet another can feel ill on Paleo?

The belief was, follow diet X if you have disease Y and follow diet A if you have disease B, you will be learning why this model is incorrect.

In the words of Dr. Sarno, Body and Mind should be one-word BodyMind. We believe that Integrating Nutrition and Homeopathy should also be one course.

Why not have a browse of our website HERE and for further details feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you

Gordon and Khush

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