Hi everyone, 

With January just passing us by and now spring in the air here in London, everyone seems to have moved on from their January ‘DIEt’. Did you DIEt, or detox, or fast, or ‘anuary’ your way through January?

Walk into a book store or google a book on nutrition and BOOM…there it is, OVERWHELM…. with a mass of information, mixed information, contradictory information or simply too much information. So where does one start? Here is a list of DIEts…


– Low Fat Diet

– Atkin’s Diet

– Keto Diet

– Intuitive Diet

– Carnivore diet

– Raw Food Diet

– Vegan Diet

– Pescatarian Diet

– 5:2 diet

– Weight Watchers

– Slimming World

– Herbal Life

– Specific Carbohydrate Diet

– Anti-inflammatory Diet

– Paleo Diet

These are just a few, but you get the gist. So when you choose a diet, what makes you choose it? The A-listers that are following it? The person was cured from the condition that you are experiencing currently? Recommended by your nutritionist? Recommended by your dietician? Read about it and you like ‘the sound of it’? Did a Metabolic Typing test and you found out you need a little more of certain food groups?

However, you came to that decision, let’s just get a few facts across….


– FOOD is Nurture

– FOOD is converted to energy

– FOOD is social 

– FOOD is necessary

– FOOD is ‘heaven’

Food is basically converted to energy, known as ATP, and to hormones, peptides, cell membranes, cells, chemical mediators…whatever really the body needs. BUT ATP, adenosine triphosphate is key, and without this we will be gone. 

So when you decide to do a DIEt, ask yourself: 

– Is this serving my body’s needs?

– Am I hungry?

– Is it making me feel better?

– How do I feel a few hours after eating?

The food industry has made a mockery of the DIEting world. Every month there is a new DIEt to follow, or a new superfood, or a new miracle supplement…But at the end of the day, even though our physiology may be the same in that we require all the food groups, then these are digested, absorbed assimilated (providing our gut and mind are fully engaged in this process) and then these ‘food parts’ are either stored, or taken to an organelle called the mitochondria to produce the ATP, or used for the earlier mentioned functions etc…because we all have a unique biochemical individuality the food behaves differently in our bodies.

So what your body requires can be different to the person next to you, or your partner, child or friend. Just because Jemma did well on a green juice detox, and looked radiant, full of vitality and energy does not mean you are odd for not feeling like her on the same green juice detox. 

Your microbiome may be wanting more fibre if you have been on medications, especially antibiotics and the birth control pill, then your needs will be different – you may not do well on a higher fat diet but actually do better on a higher carbohydrate diet.

It is all about how food behaves in YOUR BODY. For example, some people find it hard to get the fat across into their mitochondria to be oxidized – does this mean they should eat less fat? Well not exactly, it may be they need to address their fat metabolism especially if they have dry skin and are always hungry, don’t have enough energy or experience “ups and downs” and have stools that float etc. 

So ask yourself the above questions, also ask yourself, what does the word DIEt mean to you? 

The world of nutrition is forever changing, growing, and new biochemical pathways are being discovered that can be key in HEALing for a specific individual but not another. 

At the College we teach the science of nutrition, so that we can raise practitioners that are SOLID in their understanding of the body and nutrition. Keeping up to date with the nutritional world is quite a dance and a wonderful one, as long as you are able to listen to where the music is coming from. If it comes from a source that is selling a product such as a ‘synthetic low-fat food’ then we know that particular dance can lead to an injury. 

As nutritionists, we will always be learning and growing in our field and that is the fun part because then we can support and educate our clients, our family, our community on what it is to NOURISH our body and not DIEt it. 

Having a FOUNDATIONAL understanding of the digestive system, the hormonal system, the immune system, the importance of INFLAMMATION in the body etc from a nutritional perspective is key. Once we have this, we do not fall prey to the next DIEt, next food fad, or next superfood.

We teach on subjects from what is a condition such as chronic fatigue or IBS on a functional level, not from a standard ‘anatomy and physiology’ perspective….after all our bodies are A LOT MORE THAN PHYSICAL. 

We aim to educate and inspire at the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy in London, and as we do this, we integrate the MIND-BODY connection, as not everything is about food, or the right mineral, or the right biochemical pathway….. the energetic body is a greater part of us than the physical.

Khush and Gordon

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