Curriculum for homeopathy course

Curriculum for Homeopathy Course

First year of homeopathy course

An introduction to homeopathy in the first year starts with the history, philosophy and principles. This creates a vital base to understand the core essence of homeopathy.

Concepts of health and disease are covered to enable the student understand the holistic paradigm.

The next main area we study are the homeopathic medicines/remedies – known as Materia Medica – such as Sulphur and Phosphorus. Psychological pictures and profiles of the main remedies are covered, alongside well-known acute remedies such as Arnica and Belladonna.

The homeopathic theory of inherited illness is started in the first year with the concept of Miasms.

How to take a client’s case and aligned case taking skills and techniques. Case taking demonstrations in class with a live client. Application of homeopathic methods with case analysis and prescribing. The first year of the homeopathy course continues to develop the remedies of Materia Medica including the introduction of therapeutic remedies for various conditions such as childhood ailments, menstrual problems, hayfever and digestive disorders. Integrated medical science and therapeutic treatment.

Homeopathy Course First Year Syllabus

  • History of Homeopathy /The Organon/Law of Similars
  • Acute and First Aid Remedies
  • The Vital Force/ D