Curriculum for Nutrition Course

Curriculum for Nutrition Course

First year of Nutrition Course

An introduction to nutrition in the first year nutrition course will start by looking at the journey that food has taken to reach the dinner plate. Understanding the role of the history of the agricultural industry as well as the food industry on our health and well being. This will give a firm understanding of what our food represents before it even touches our palate.

Study of the foods group, i.e. macronutrients and their importance in health and biochemistry. Although the end goal of nutrition is to produce ATP, our currency of energy, we will look at how food is converted into energy from when it triggers the digestive process.

Study of micronutrients and their specific roles in health and well being, in nutrition course this will be integrated with the homeopathic cell salts (aka minerals) to enhance the client’s well being.

Analysis of different diets and their various effects on different individuals and incorporating this into the case taking.

The next main area of nutrition course will be looking at taking a case history and integrating the macronutrient and micronutrient understanding. This unique style of case taking will be combined with a homeopathic perspective, so that we are always looking at the whole person.

Nutrition Course First Year Syllabus

  • History of the food and agricultural industry in relation to