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We are having a bit of a mineral theme, nutritionally and homeopathically…so enjoy this read. 

Sodium is a mineral that sits comfortably clinging to the first column of the periodic table in row 3. Check it out when you have a moment.

In homeopathy, a column one element is highly clingy, imagine it only has one ‘lonely electron’ on the outer orbit. This electron is pretty ‘alone’ and will ‘cling’ to pretty much anything that comes along, it is unstable, can be nervous, anxious, depressed, it will be looking for that ‘partner’.

In homeopathy we have a remedy made from sodium chloride, known as Natrum Muriaticum, this remedy can fall in love with ‘unavailable’ partners. Why? because it wants to cling, it is desperate for that ‘connection’, alone it can not do much, sodium is pretty impulsive homeopathically speaking.

The elements in column one like sodium in homeopathy give the impression of being childlike, they want to be looked after, they want support…and this support can come in the form of CHLORIDE, a perfect match for sodium. With this match, the outer orbit is complete, the neediness has been met, the anxiety is eased dramatically.

What do we use natrum muriaticum for in homeopathy? Well pretty much anything if it matches the constitution. Anything from heart issues, thyroid issues, blood pressure issues, edema, kidney issues, unrequited love, heartbreak, depression, eczema, cold sores, and so on. A naturm muriaticum can have a craving for salt or salty foods. You may also find a Natrum Muriaticum reading a romantic novel with a packet of salt and vinegar crips, on their own at home. natrum muriaticums can build a wall, close off their feelings when hurt, …you know that story about not looking back otherwise one will turn into a pillar of salt? Well, that is natrum muriaticums, they tend to dwell on the past. But a dose of this remedy can do wonders IF that is your constitution, always seek the advice of a professional homeopath.

What about nutritionally? Well without going into ALL the functions as that would require a whole load of blogging (but if you want to dive in then you may be interested in joining the course), but BUT sodium chloride is absolutely vital for stomach acid production. Did you know that the chloride from sodium chloride is the body’s only source of CHLORIDE? This is used to make hydroCHLORIC acid, another reason why we need REAL salt.

Real salt is required to
– kill off bugs that come through on/with our food in our stomach
– absorb minerals
– stimulate pancreatic enzyme secretion
– trigger the release of various hormones to support digestion

Even if you have acid reflux, you may actually have low stomach acid, so don’t be led astray, the symptoms of low and high stomach acid are pretty much the same.

If stomach acid is not fixed then everything that follows after is pretty much a ‘mess’, think SIBO, dysbiosis, parasites, bloating, constipation, mood swings, depression ..just a few to give you an idea of what you can be missing if you are not having REAL salt.

We love REAL salt at the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy. We even recommend that you add it to your water not just your food, especially when you are training and sweating…that sweat is salty folks!

Get Salty! 

Khush and Gordon


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