Integrating Homeopathy with Nutrition

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This is a follow up from our previous blog HERE.

We have our open day in a weeks time and it is all rather odd with the ‘restrictions’ but hoping people will just come…there is so much fear still in people,,,

Yesterday we posted Aseem Malhotra’s article from the Telegraph ‘ULTRA – PROCESSED FOOD IS THE NEW TOBACCO’.

Now, something that seems to be the elephant in the room, no matter how much we hide behind all the news on food and cutting down on this and that and doing this and that, is the STORY, the individual’s STORY.

As practitioners in nutrition and homeopathy, we see that just focusing on food is not the answer. Many people know how to eat well and what to eat, some people even know more than their doctor about their health issue at hand and nutrition.

But the issue is, how is that when one knows what to eat they ‘fall off the bandwagon’ (client words not ours). How is it that they know they have diabetes type 2 or syndrome X but cannot ‘help themselves from having the sugar drenched doughnuts whether they are 99c or $5?

This is where we integrate homeopathy. Food is nurturing, it is comforting, it can make us feel euphoric, it can take away the pain (actually suppress the pain), it can become an obsession for some. However, the mental health of the people of our country is not being addressed. Why is it that most people can lose those excess kilograms but gain even more later? And some end up on the NHS list for gastric band surgery…. what is this elephant?

This is down to the emotional BEing of each individual. This goes back to how we are fed as babies, how we connected or disconnected with our carers, whether we felt safe or not safe, whether we grew up in an environment that was ‘nurturing’ or ‘neglectful’. The parasympathetic experience should not be a ‘one-off’ experience but an ongoing ‘safe place’ to re-turn to DAILY. It should be a dance between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems, but most are stuck in sympathetic nervous system mode.

In homeopathy, we use remedies that address such issues. Homeopathic remedies that allow one to HEAL and FEEL and get back into that parasympathetic safe space. Remedies that touch parts that only a homeopathic remedy can. We teach our students to INTEGRATE the BODY’s physical needs with their MENTAL-EMOTIONAL needs. Addressing one without the other no longer works.

We have plenty of sympathetic nervous system homeopathic remedies too, thank goodness! Those speedy, flighty, aggressive, shouty, scared, withdrawn remedies…and these are also as beautiful as the calming, healing, nurturing remedies.

When was your last parasympathetic experience? The last time you felt, heard, held, nurtured, slept deeply, was playful, and danced for no reason?

Addressing the nation’s weight is not just a physical matter.

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