Maca is so 2019!

Maca is so 2019!

​Stress and trauma are the up and coming ‘ologies’ in complementary medicine as we enter the new decade. This is absolutely fantastic as it is much needed and about time.

In today’s world of natural medicine, if a practitioner does not address STRESS then vacate that clinic room ASAP. WHY? Because 75% of chronic illnesses are due to stress. We can roll the eyes and think ‘yes, yes, let’s move onto the more serious biochemistry nutrition jargon’ and the plethora of supplements. But in all seriousness, we can roll our eyes till exhaustion, but this where the HEALING starts and finishes, STRESS AND TRAUMA. When referring to trauma, it can be as simple but sadly as ‘not feeling loved as a child’ …as well as more complex trauma.

Over the previous few decades the human being has been ‘reduced’ to body parts.  If you have IBS, you get referred to a gastro-enterologist, if you have endometriosis you get referred to a gynaecologist, if you have diabetes you get referred to an endocrinologist, if you have eczema you get referred to a dermatologist, if you have cancer you get referred to an oncologist, if you have arthritis you get referred to a rheumatologist. Do you see what we see?  A reductionist view of the human being?

RELEVANT and HEALING medicine is about the WHOLE, if it is not then we are just ‘dabbling’, we have no respect for the amazing VITAL FORCE. The human body is fully and deeply integrated and connected.

Think of the barbaric surgery that some women go through which is also known as a hysterectomy. We have different types of hysterectomies, one being a radical one which is basically the removal of any womanhood left in a woman’s body, then we have the more NOT SO RADICAL also known as a partial hysterectomy, where ‘ONLY’ the uterus is removed. Seriously, how did we get here? How can we remove the very body parts of the amazing female body that are life creating, life giving? Even if the uterus is removed and the ovaries are still intact, the blood supply to the ovaries is ‘reduced’. Once this blood supply is diminished then the ovaries start to ‘shrivel’, there is no PARTIAL let alone RADICAL hysterectomies in medicine that HEALs. WHY? Because every cell in the body is super connected to every other cell. EVERY CELL. There are no borders in the human body that requires a passport or visa. How does a woman end up in such a place, where she is recommended a hysterectomy? MAINLY due to chronic STRESS and/or TRAUMA.

At the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy we believe in ‘LESS IS MORE’ or what in homeopathy is called the ‘MINIMUM DOSE’. We look at the WHOLE ‘MINDBODY’ HUMAN BEING, and in addressing the WHOLE it means less supplements, less pills, less rattling. We are not into protocols, let alone ‘one size fits all’ as they are just ‘stop gaps’ with no real HEALING.

In decade just gone, there has been a dramatic rise in the sales of a class of ‘supplements’ called ‘adaptogens’ or more precisely herbs.

What are they? They are unique plants that help balance and protect the body, They strengthen the body’s response to physical, emotional and environmental STRESS (no rolling of the eyes). Allowing us to ‘cope’ with day to day stress.

How do they work? They adapt or function to your body’s specific needs, such as either boosting the immune system up or ‘slowing’ it down (as in allergies or auto-immune conditions)  depending on what the body needs. Adaptogens helps calm and nourish our STRESS glands called the ADRENAL GLANDS.

These adaptogens include; maca, ashwaganda, rhodiola, holy basil (also known as tulsi), ginseng, various medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps, lions mane, chaga, reishi  etc.

But, do you see where we are going with this? WHY NOT LOOK AT THE STRESS? After all if 75% of chronic illnesses are due to STRESS then why pop ‘pill’s to help one deal with STRESS, why not address the STRESS?

How long would one continue to take these supplemental adaptogens? What about the actual ROOT CAUSES of STRESS? Such as

  • Lack of sleep
  • Screen lights on till the dark hours
  • Depleting melatonin levels
  • Lack of movement
  • Lack of nature
  • Lack of human connection
  • Lack of safety
  • Lack of creativity
  • Lack of sunshine
  • Lack of community

All the above lead to a hyper-vigilant nervous system, in other words STRESS. Ongoing stress (chronic stress) leads to DIS-EASE, such as MS, ME, fibromylgia, eczema, arthritis, diabetes etc

So at the College, we teach about the REAL GAME CHANGING ADAPTOGENS, some may call the them the adaptogens of the new decade. These ‘adaptogens’ do not come in a pill form, but come in the form of mother nature’s gifts, others come in the form of human connection.  A connection within and a connection with the outside. These include…

  • Sleep
  • Nature
  • Journaling
  • Self love
  • Community
  • Grounding
  • Movement
  • Meditation
  • Cretaive expression such as singing, syroy telling, dancing, chanting etc 

Is this disappointing? We have gotten used to a ‘pill for an ill’ or more specifically ‘pills for ills’, but there is no such ‘thing’.

Why not start with these vital life enhancing and life enriching  2020 adaptogens?

We are not belittling herbal adaptogens as they can be therapeutically beneficial to help one out of a TEMPORARY ‘glitch’.

However, we are not going to HEAL until we address the ROOT CAUSE(s) and in today’s society some of these root causes are very easily addressed, by spending time in nature, listening to the birds, dancing with friends, going camping and sharing stories around a camp fire, connecting with your neighbours, journalling your thoughts, your dreams, your gratitudes etc. Other root causes will involve being guided by a qualified practitioner who understands not only the above but about the MINDBODY approach to HEALING.

We teach about biochemical individuality/individual constitutions which means understanding each person, understanding their history, their birth, their generational make up, their joys, their losses, their rhythm, their passions, their behavioural patterns. We integrate nutrition and homeopathy so that our students are well equipped practitioners.

To health!

Gordon and Khush

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