Milk As Medicine And Not In The Calcium Sense

Milk As Medicine And Not In The Calcium Sense

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We have all heard about milk being important for calcium, fat and vitamin D, but we discuss why this is not necessarily true at the College. Did you know that some people can thrive on raw milk but are intolerant to non-raw milk?  Where the milk comes from, how it is ‘processed’ plays a vital role in our health and environment.

However, milk as a homeopathic remedy has a different ‘kind of story’.Homeopathic milk remedies are also known as LAC remedies. Now in homeopathy no animal is hurt or endangered, it is a form of medicine that is environmentally friendly as well as animal conscious.

There are three BASIC kingdoms from which homeopathic remedies are made,
– Animal
– Mineral
– Plants

The animal kingdom includes mammals, reptiles, insects and birds. The Lac remedies come form the mammals and are made from the milk of the mammal. We use lac remedies for all manner of issues from hormonal imbalances such as, infertility. PCOS, PMDD, PMS, endometriosis and alopecia,  eating disorders, OCD etc.

Lac remedies have a certain theme since they are made from milk. Milk is a unique evolutionary adaptation of mammals. It is a source of nourishment, bonding, security, nurture, and safety. There is warmth, bodily contact, and intimacy. 

So what do  HEALTHY mammal FEELINGS look like? They would be feelings of closeness, feeling safe, feeling secure, feeling LOVED, feeling adequate, feeling PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY NOURISHED.

A LAC remedy is indicated if there are feelings of

– being not good enough
– inadequacy
– low self-esteem
– comparison of oneself to others
–  ‘not included’ as part of a family or community or ‘peer’ group
– shame that something is wrong within
– comparing one self with others

Homeopathy is a very gentle, safe and effective form of medicineIT ADDRESSES THE UNDERLYING DISTURBANCE. As homeopaths when we address this UNDERLYING disturbance. This does not mean having to ‘go through’ the past or re-experiencing unwanted feelings. A LAC remedy can be prescribed for a client who may talk about their likes and dislikes, their ‘raison d’etre’, their desires, their hobbies etc. The process is gentle, self-reflective and healing in itself.

There is no formula to the process. At the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy we teach the art of case taking, homeopathic remedies through the materia medica and clinics, and we teach various methods that include the ‘part patient’ and the ‘WHOLE patient’ method BECAUSE in our modern era, it is imperative that we are mindful of the impact of medications, pollution, stress, poor nutrition, pesticides and other toxins that can hinder us from living vibrant lives.

To healthy happy hormones!

Gordon and Khush

We shared a case in our email newsletter, on how we apply these wonderful healing remedies. specifically, a remedy called Lac Caninum (milk from a dog).

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