New academic year at The College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy

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We hit the road running with the start of our new academic year!

We were excited to share and teach about the founder of homeopathy and the incredible vital force. What is this vital force?  We looked at the power of ‘food as medicine’ and the stripping away of nutrients through the refining process and then the so-called fortifying of foods with synthetics. What does this do to our vital force? If our soils are depleted, our food is contaminated with chemicals, our emotions are ‘shut down’,

…………….This was just with the first-year students.

The second-year students had the good fortune 🙂  of diving into mental health, from the pharmacology of anti-depressants and anti-anxiolytics, WOW!  ‘cleverness of pharma drugs ‘


What happens when those specific neurotransmitter receptors are in other parts of the body as well as in the brain? What happens physiologically when the ‘symptoms of depression/anxiety’ come back even whilst on the medication?

We looked at nutritional ‘psychiatry’ including the nutritional counterparts and minerals and the impact of heavy metals in mental health.

We ‘soaked up’ some of the homeopathic remedies that look beyond the symptoms of depression. We learned how depression can be experienced uniquely from one person to another and therefore we customize, personalize, individualize homeopathy accordingly, without the ‘risk’ of messing around with neurotransmitters in such a way that could potentially create some serious unwanted side effects.

To be frank, we allow the vital force to ‘run with the rest of the ‘show’ aka healing, once the remedy has passed on the information.

Preparing practitioners for the 21st century and beyond 🙏

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