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Integrated Nutrition & Homeopathy – Online Course


We are so excited to tell you that we are launching our online course on January 16th as we move into 2021.  We have received requests for this since we started the college in London about an online option and here it is….

So if you have been waiting for the online course you can sign up by completing the application form HERE .

Online homeopathy and nutrition course UK
How does it work
Homeopathy and Nutrition online course application form
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As we are keen to have the right people, so we are not wasting your time and you are not wasting ours, there is a step – by – step process on how to join the online course:

STEP ONE: Complete the application form.

STEP TWO: On submitting the application form you will be given options of various times and dates to speak via Zoom with our wonderful Flavia who is our online course administrator, as well as a nutritional therapist and homeopath.

STEP THREE: Following your 15 minute session with Flavia, if you are a ‘fit’ for our college and we are a ‘fit’ for you, then a deposit is requested.

STEP FOUR: Once the deposit is received you will be sent a link to sign up for the online course. On signing up to the online course and paying the first instalment, you will be directed to the welcome e-guide on our online course. You will also be invited to a private FB group for your online academic year group just before the start of the course in January 2021. Once enrolled, you will be able to view the whole monthly curriculum in advance, so you know what is coming up over the two years.

STEP FIVE: Once the course starts in January 2021 you will be assigned a mentor who will support you through the amazing two year journey. There will be live Q&A time with Khush and Gordon once a month, in between the teaching weekend sessions. These Q&A sessions are several-fold, but one KEY reason is to connect with you and to discuss any questions from the previous weekend’s teaching. No student will be left behind. Our passion is to raise 21st century practitioners in a world where they are more needed than ever before.

Not sure if the course if for you…here is a check list.

If you tick most of the following then the course is calling you…..


You are passionate about health but have not had the right opportunity turn up at your door step, this may just be the parcel you have been waiting for!

Do you find yourself browsing health social media groups and websites for hours without noticing that hours have passed by?

Do you ever dream of being able to help people with their health concerns with confidence?

Do you want to integrate homeopathy and nutrition into your current practice?

Do you want to make a living from helping others using homeopathy and nutrition?

Do you fancy learning about nutrition and homeopathy in a practical and engaging way without the classroom atmosphere

Have you been looking for a course that teaches both homeopathy and nutrition, but that expanse of water and/or land mass and mountains means you cannot get to one of the most amazing cities in the world to be in the classroom?

You want to study homeopathy and nutrition but cannot get to London once a month due to other commitments?

You prefer to do a course from the comfort of your own home where you can pause, play, have a healthy snack in between – and still get an enriching education.

You cannot tolerate the classroom atmosphere due to sensory overload, bright lights and getting through the city smog, but you want to study nutrition integrated with homeopathy.

You know a little about homeopathy and some knowledge on nutrition but not enough to  make a living from it and would like to work in this field.


Then wait no more…we look forward to hearing from you, you are just an application form away.

Integrated nutrition and homeopathy online course


How will the course run?


This online course will have the same structure as the ‘in person’ course:  the materials are the same, the assignments are the same, the teaching sessions are the same and most importantly – the teachers are the same (that helps!).

You will have access to each weekends’ teaching material on a monthly basis ie  every four weeks. It is a 2 year course consisting of 22 teaching weekends. We do not believe in ‘squeezing’ this course into a 6 months, or one year course –  as it is a JOURNEY. A journey of the heart, mind and soul as you learn, engage and develop as an individual, as well as a practitioner.

The course starts in January and finishes in January 2 years later. In this case, January 2021 – January 2023

Assignments are given on the same weekend and these are due in the Weds before the next teaching weekend, in other words you have 3 weeks and a few days to get those assignments completed.

You will be able to see all the assignments and teaching session details as well as the notes once you have successfully enrolled onto the online course.

We encourage you to have a nose around our website: read the blogs, have a look at why we started the first college in the world that has integrated nutrition with homeopathy. And check out our FAQs which may answer some of your questions.

We hope you will be joining us from wherever you are in the world in the new year.

The Online Fees.

For the full two years the fees are


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Join our waiting list for Consultation

Join our waiting list for Consultation