Our students are graduating Part 1

It is that time of the year when our first-year’ fire starter’ students who joined the college when it was birthed in 2018 are sending in their grad cases and becoming fully-fledged qualified practitioners in homeopathy and nutrition.

When people ask, how can you do this in 2 years? How can we not? The world needs well rounded, solid passionate practitioners that understand HEALTH and WELLbeing, not diagnosing disease and then prescribing for that disease but understanding the body as a living being.

The word BIOLOGY means the study of LIFE. We study human biology at the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy. We study the power of the vital force, the dynamic cell structure, we look at how our LIVER is an organ that ‘mankind’ can not replicate (but our vital force can) with all of it’s 500 plus functions, what an awesome organ.

We teach with ‘awe and wonder’ because we are in ‘awe’ of this human biology, we will never lose our wonder as teachers, as students as individuals.

The more one delves into the ‘knowings’ of the body, the more we fall in love with NATURE and HEALING and ourselves.

Hippocrates is known for saying ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. This was 400BC 🤔 This ‘FOOD-MEDICINE’ thing is a core part of our teaching. let’s face it, some of us eat THREE times a day unless we are doing OMAD and following the principles of fasting.

So it is vital that we share about the food part of our every day lives, simples.

We actually prefer to call it NURTURE-rition. Food is about nurturing it is not about biochemical processes and just electron chain transport or phosphorylation, methylation, and enzymes …it is WAY more.

We also teach fasting NOT ONLY from a biochemistry perspective but from a MINDFUL perspective. After all, fasting is not just about being HANGRY right?

We share how we replenish during fasting because we are not only physical beings but psycho-spiritual too. This is why we do the INTEGRATING part, not because it sounds fancy or hip but because it is WHAT, WHO we are, psycho-spiritual beings in a physical body. Hence we integrate the Nutrition and HOMEOPATHY.

Some of our grad cases we have seen fertility issues resolved with a baby being born, alopecia resolved, lack of energy turn into vital robust energy, hypothyroid symptoms clear. This is not some ‘fluffy’ course (no unicorns) or ‘hard-hitting career-building’ academic exercise (PHEW!), it is an educational and emotional experience and a course that is about your own self-development and inner work as well as the sound nutrition and homeopathy teachings.

Also as practitioners, we can be of no service to anyone if we are empty and out of balance, and this does not mean we have to be perfect, because we are ALWAYS growing and evolving, the day we stop, is our expiry date.

This course is growing and evolving too, otherwise, it will also expire, not relevant, out of date, stale (eeeek). We ensure that our graduates leave with everything they need to become LIFE LONG learners and 21st-century practitioners.

But even before our students have graduated from the 2 year course their results from their grad cases speak for themselves.


PS. Part two to follow…our next zoom ‘open day’ is Saturday, June 13th if you would like to join our course for September and just want to ‘dip your toes in’ before diving in, you can book a space here


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