Nutrition College

Instead of learning just a single discipline of healthcare, with Integrated Homeopathy and Nutrition College you can combine an education in nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, plus using health and life coaching techniques to produce a new style of health practitioner.

This homeopathy and nutritionist course has been designed as a professional training in nutrition, homeopathy and life/health coaching. You will be able to build a career as a holistic practitioner after two years of fascinating study.

The homeopathy and nutritionist course is taught on 10 weekends in a year.

Homeopathy and nutritionist course length is over two years designed to get the student ready for professional practice.

Each day is from 10.00am – 5.00pm.

Audio recordings and power point lecture notes are available for all classes.

About the nutritionist and homeopathy course:

The first educational institute to offer a combined study of nutrition and homeopathy as well as integrating life and health coaching into the course.
– The college will provide an opportunity for you to promote your own health and well being while learning to do the same for others.
– These nutrition and homeopathy courses will transform students into rounded and competent practitioners ready to meet the needs of patients in the modern world.

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