Will The Real Nutrition Please Stand Up?

We Have No Protocols. Food and Homeopathy are our Protocols!

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We hope you are having a wonderful season and enjoying your health and friendships and family.

This month we wanted to share a little about our outlook on nutrition and why we are teaching it, the way we are teaching it as an integral part of the course.

About 15 years ago, people wanted simple advise on nutrition, how to lose a little weight, how to boost energy levels and live with a little more ‘va va voom’. Times have since changed quite dramatically. Our physiology is still the same but our environment has changed, our lifestyles have changed, access to information has changed and this is ALL taken into consideration at The College Of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy.

Today, we have social media, the wonders of the internet and beyond. This has brought a whole new dimension to what we know as nutrition. Every month if not week, there is

  • a new diet
  • a new superfood
  • a new supplement
  • a new biochemical pathway
  • a new protocol
  • a new diagnosis
  • a new healing method

We just need to walk into a book shop and look at the nutrition section and there is an overwhelming number of books on nutrition and not to mention the plethora of diets, from the anti-inflammatory diet, the keto diet, the conscious diet, the skinny bitch diet, the adrenal fatigue diet, the microbiome diet….the list is endless and it will continue this way as DIETS SELL. Diets have always sold and they will continue to sell BUT they keep us ‘stuck in a cycle’. The average person has been on at least 3 diets in their lifetime.

Diets do not equate health, they equate ‘symptom management’ when used alone and out of context. Nowadays, the average person who has health issues generally has researched so much on the internet that they tend to experience what we call ‘overwhelm syndrome’ and end up going around in circles, to be ‘thrown off’ when a new diet comes along or a new ‘fad’ has taken over the nutrition world.

Teaching and sharing about the WHY’s, WHAT and WHEN’ of nutrition is of absolute importance at the college. Each one of us is biochemically unique, so how can ONE diet suit us all. We believe in BIOCHEMICAL INDIVIDUALITY, that is that each person has a biochemistry that ‘beats to it’s own rhythm’. Understanding that rhythm AND having an understanding of the science of nutrition is vital.

We do not believe in protocols in nutrition, such as the ‘adrenal protocol’ or the ‘weight loss’ protocol, or the healing gut protocol or the brain health protocol etc WHY? Because, our individual make up is unique and your very own history, so why would your nutritional requirements be put into a ‘standard’ protocol? Your body is not a machine, it is a dynamic being that has the innate ability to heal and repair, so why mess with this without understanding how to nourish it, inside and out.

We not only share and teach about food, but we experience food. We integrate workshops where necessary, such as food fermentation workshop within the teaching weekends. Knowledge is liberating, so gaining knowledge and the understanding behind the diet, the super food, the supplement, the protocol, the hormonal pathway etc is essential at this college.

This is all taught in an engaging manner, with the PRACTICAL SCIENCE to not only enrich your learning journey but to build that solid foundation so you can ‘run with this education’ and change not only your family’s health for the better but the health or your community and clients.

Information over load is everywhere, so we have put together this practical accessible course so that you are equipped to be the leading practitioners to help create a radical upgrade in health of your family, community and nation.

Want to join us? We would love to hear from you or even meet you at one of our open days, for more information drop us an email at


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