The Body Is ‘Under Threat’

Immune System

Fear ‘triggers’ the ‘fight, flight’ response, because the body is receiving a message ‘my life is under threat’. Thus, naturally, the sympathetic nervous system stands to attention faithfully, adrenaline is pumped out, but ‘hey 3 or so minutes later, the ‘threat’ is still there aka fear,’, this adrenaline cannot continue to flood the body as that in itself is ‘threatening’ to the body. So cortisol, the trusted back up mighty hormone takes over, as it allows adrenaline to ‘step down’ and not strip the body apart.

Just imagine running on adrenaline all day and night!

This amazing mighty cortisol does, however, suppress the immune system and most other systems, because after all if your life is under threat (perceived threat even), the body has no intention of
– ensuring you are digesting well
– keeping the microbiome in check (a vital part of our immunity)
– your sex hormones are in balance. Who wants to fall pregnant or even make passionate love when they feel ‘threatened’?
– you are sleeping well (you are in hyper-alert mode, forget restful sleep)
– ensuring the immune system is ready in full force (remember the body is ready to run, that energy is instead channeled to the muscles, lungs, heart etc, so you can ‘run for your life’ not to your immune system)

So, what to do? BREATHE, take the necessary hygiene health steps and remember to calm the nervous system, so that the adrenaline and cortisol return to ‘backstage’ and let the immune system and all other systems do their fundamental work.

Further still try some homeopathy to support the ‘nervous disposition’ and invest in some
– FOOD BASED vitamin C
-Good, healthy nourishing foods
-Fasting is great, allows the body to focus on ‘rest and digest’ system which means more energy for the immune system
– Get around positive people, not the jumpy ‘wired but tired ones’ but the calm, grounded, positive souls
– Sleep, sleep and get that Vitamin D from the SUN not from a pill

There is much we can do to support ourselves and the health of a family part of that is to be mindful of your emotional environment and your thoughts. If it means switching off the news, so be it.

To health

Gordon and Khush

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