The Magnesium Mayhem

Magnesium Mayhem - Real Salt?
Hi everyone,
We hope this season finds you all well and healthy.
We wanted to share a little on minerals, also known as the ‘sparkplugs of our biochemistry’.

This post appeared today and we ‘love’ Kelly Brogan, one of her books is on our reading list at the College and we find it just explains the journey of the soul so beautifully with reality and science to boot and some more

This post on magnesium does not resonate with what we teach and see with Magnesium clinically (also known as the ‘miracle mineral’), it is far from the miracle if other minerals are out of balance. Just have a peek into the minerals that make up the extracellular and intracellular fluid, POTASSIUM and SODIUM are VITAL, these minerals literally keep the cells communicating, they keep that ‘charge’ between the outside and inside of the cell, without this we are ‘flat’.

We have seen magnesium supplementation work ‘miracles’ for some time and then suddenly it is like the symptoms that magnesium was ‘helping’ suddenly appear again with full force, this is pretty homeopathic in the sense it is quite like a ‘proving’, this usually indicates an overall mineral imbalance that was not addressed to start with just suppressed.

We are deep-diving into the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with our second years over the next two months to understand further the beauty of ‘biochemical individuality’ and why Magnesium does not suit everyone. Biochemical individuality is the ‘nutrition term’ for the term ‘constitution’ in homeopathy. Homeopathy is a science way ahead of the times. It is a science that does not fit into the ‘reductionist’ scientific thinking at the present time. 

We will be analyzing magnesium as well as the other vital minerals and how they tie in beautifully with Dr. Jan Scholten’s HOMEOPATHIC periodic table of LIFE. It is no wonder that most of the minerals we prescribe are minerals that fall into row 3 and 4 as these are the main minerals that make up our extra and intracellular fluid and they are minerals that involve nurture, identity, belonging in a community/tribe/family, structure, communication, safety/security, morality and more.

We have our homeopathic twist on Sole water (an ocean of minerals), magnesium oil and a bit more…..which can all be made in YOUR kitchen.

Did you know that Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis looks beyond the presence of ‘heavy’ metals? It is a great tool for looking into indications of

– adrenal strength
– HPA axis; fight-light and freeze and surrender
– thyroid function
– other mineral deficiencies and toxicities
– ‘heavy’ metal toxicities
– various reasons for fatigue
– emotional well being
– digestive health
– liver and kidney impairment
– blood sugar imbalances
– metabolic rate
– inflammation

Keeping our focus on the WHOLE, the very fact that we are ENERGETIC beings (think electric, our minerals communicate via creating electric potentials), minerals in our body do their magic in their ionic form, not chelated and not colloidal….taking colloidal silver? You may want to re-think that one.

To sound education with respect for our ‘energetic’ minerals that includes homeopathic tissue salts.

If you are reading this, the first change you can make is throw out that white refined salt 9including rock salt, Maldon salt etc) and swap it for REAL, unrefined salt (Himalayan OR Sel de Guerande from France).

To health 

Khush and Gordon

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