What Does It Mean To Study Nutrition In the 21st Century?

What Does It Mean To Study Nutrition In the 21st Century?

What does it mean to study nutrition at The College Of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy? Well firstly the key is that nutrition at this College is HOLISTIC. Now this word gets passed around like a parcel at a ‘pass the parcel game’. But, lets clarify what this means.

Holistic is another word for fully integrated with mind and body. For example, when you eat an apple, one may feel itchy in the mouth or get a burning stomach from consuming the apple, yet another person may totally enjoy the apple without any ‘side effects’ of a reaction. So what is going on here? Although an apple is an apple, one person can enjoy it daily with no repercussions yet someone else may strongly react to it.

So in our nutrition course, we look at

  • the food (in this case the apple)
  • the individual
  • the environment
  • the association of the apple to the individual



Now firstly, we learn that an apple belongs to a specific food group and that food group is one of the most favourite food groups of many nations, which is the carbohydrate food group. You may think, “hold on, but I though carbohydrates were pasta, rice, potatoes, cakes, biscuits etc”  and you are absolutely correct in this understanding. But carbohydrates are made up of OXYGEN, CARBON and HYDROGEN. So, this quite ‘addictive’ food group includes, fruits, vegetables, whole grains as well as the pasta, bread, croissants and so forth. So not only do we learn about the ‘make up’ of this apple, but then we look at how the body processes the food. Then we learn about the nutrient content of foods, what makes an apple an apple and not a ‘piece of bread’?



How the individual processes the food, how is it one can get a burning stomach from eating an apple? Do they have issues with H.Pylori, or low stomach acid, or too much stomach acid etc How are they in themselves? Are they stressed?



Did you know the environment plays a key role in how a food may behave in your body? Stay with us here, imagine you are meeting a friend for dinner and you have not seen that friend in some time and you have this perception that they are exactly the same ‘person’ you knew them to be 10 years ago. You meet, you realise ‘oh my goodness they have become so unhappy, lost their marriage and are depressed’ . You order a fish dish with broccoli and cream sauce and she orders a pasta dish. You feel sad and uncomfortable in not being able to help her. The evening ends and you say goodbye. Now, next time you have a dish with either the same fish and broccoli or sauce, you get a stomach upset. You put it down to the food not being well cooked, when actually it may well be that this dish on a sub-conscious level brings up the ‘sadness’ that you felt last time you had this meal with your friend. The mind is powerful, thoughts are powerful.

Becoming a nutritionist at this college means INTEGRATING the WHOLE. It is very easy in today’s society, to do food intolerance testing (and they can be very important) but these tests do not look at the WHOLE person. We are MIND and BODY connected. Nutritionists are ‘food experts’ but HOLISTIC nutritionists are more than just food experts, they understand the connection between food, the mind and body.

We look at the apple itself, where did it grow? Was it grown in depleted soil, hence impacting it’s nutrient content? Was it sprayed with pesticides? How far was it transported to get to your mouth? Was it stored in plastic?



When someone has a reaction to a food, the association (just like the friend above) between that food and the individual is of vital importance. In this case, those who are reacting to the food, were they ‘force fed’ apples as a child? Was there an incident at school that involved a game of ‘grabbing the apples’ with your mouth from a bucket of water during halloween, that humiliated you?

So studying nutrition at the College Of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy, is about the WHOLE.

We do not take short cuts, we know food is emotional, it is social, it provides energy, it provides nutrients, it provides comfort. Food is everywhere, billions are being spent marketing food to every single human being on earth.

We believe it is vital in todays ‘day and age’ that  we understand how to NOURISH our mind and body through food and not leave it to the powers that be, as the powers that be, have not helped the soaring numbers of obesity, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue and so forth.

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