Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy - mandala

Why study integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy?

Nutrition and Homeopathy in combination means that we can give clients a completely holistic treatment for mind, body and spirit.


When a person becomes ill whether it is physically or emotionally, it is usually a sign that one or more aspects of life are out of balance.  There could be stress at work, anxiety from past traumas, upsets with the family or a difficult relationship. This can cause the work and life balance to become out of rhythm, leading to poor diet, little sleep and high stress levels. These circumstances can be exhausting and can usually lead to a variety of complaints and symptoms.

Learning about Nutrition during this nutrition course can give us an awareness of which foods are beneficial for our body and which foods are detrimental. We can learn how to supplement our diets with missing minerals and vitamins and so increase vitality making us feel and look better. Learning about our body rhythms and cycles can promote us to change bad habits and look at our food choices and our daily exercise regime.

However it is important to be aware of our emotional states and moods.  If we do not look at our mental state and rebalance our depressions, anxieties and negative patterns, symptoms remain and our life vitality shows little change.